Title: Heat rash (prickly heat)

What is a heat rash? — A heat rash is a skin rash that can happen when a person is hot or sweating a lot. The rash can look like a cluster of tiny bubbles under the skin or like a cluster of small pimples .

Anyone can get a heat rash, but it is most common in young children. The rash most often shows up on the head, neck, chest, or anywhere where the skin rubs together (like the armpit).

Heat rash is sometimes called prickly heat. Doctors and nurses call it “miliaria crystallina” or “miliaria rubra.”

Is there anything I can do on my own to get rid of a heat rash? — Yes. The most important thing you can do is try to reduce how much you are sweating. If possible, stay in a cool, dry place. You can take cool baths or use a clean cloth dipped in cold water to cool the areas with the rash. Also be sure to wear loose clothes that let your skin breathe.

Should I see a doctor or nurse? — Heat rash does not usually call for a doctor’s visit. But you should see a doctor or nurse if you have a fever or think you might have a skin infection. If you have an infection, your skin might:

●Hurt, feel warm, or swell
●Look red
●Ooze pus or form scabs
Is there a treatment for heat rash? — No. The best treatment is to cool down and try to stay dry.

What if my child gets a heat rash? — Heat rash is common in children, especially babies. If your child gets a heat rash, you can:

●Put the child in a cooler environment
●Reduce the amount of clothing the child is wearing, and loosen his or her clothes
●Give the child cool baths

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